You can find on this page the Poland satellite map to print and to download in PDF. The Poland map from satellite presents new pictures of Poland as seen from the sky in Europe.

Poland satellite map

Map of Poland from satellite

The Poland satellite map shows new pictures of Poland as seen from the sky. This satellite map of Poland will allow you to visit the country Poland in Europe as seen from the sky. The Poland satellite map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Poland covers an area of 312 600 km2, or about 31 million ha, of which 60 percent is farmland and 29 percent woodland as its mentioned in Poland satellite map. Almost the whole territory is located in the Baltic Sea Basin, with a very small area of the southeastern part of the country in the Black Sea Basin. The rivers Oder and Vistula flow across the whole Polish territory and a number of small rivers discharge directly into the Baltic Sea. More than half of the coastal inhabitants of the Baltic Sea Basin live in Poland, using 40 percent of the arable land situated there; hence the high impact of the country on the pollution of this sea (Fotyma and Terelak, 1994).

The Baltic coastal plains are a low-lying region formed of sediments deposited by the sea as you can see in Poland satellite map. The coastline was shaped by the action of the rising sea after the Scandinavian ice sheet retreated. The two major inlets in the smooth coast are the Pomeranian Bay on the German border in the far northwest and the Gulf of Gdańsk in the east. The Oder River empties into the former, and the Vistula forms a large delta at the head of the latter. Sandbars with large dunes form lagoons and coastal lakes along much of the coast.

To the north of the central lowlands, the lake region includes the only primeval forests remaining in Europe and much of Poland shrinking unspoiled natural habitat. Glacial action in this region formed lakes and low hills in the otherwise flat terrain adjacent to Lithuania and the Baltic Sea as its shown in Poland satellite map. Small lakes dot the entire northern half of Poland, and the glacial formations that characterize the lake region extend as much as 200 kilometers inland in western Poland. Wide river valleys divide the lake region into three parts. In the northwest, Pomerania is located south of the Baltic coastal region and north of the Warta and Noteć rivers. Masuria occupies the remainder of northern Poland and features a string of larger lakes.